Businesses that employ more women are known for a better growth and performance in the market

Businesses that employ more women are known for a better growth and performance in the market. In Kosovo, we have such an example in the local level with a business which has more than half of its employees of a female gender and has a great growth in the market, reports The empowerment of young women in the world, especially in our country, represents a significant challenge that needs to be overcome. While on the other hand, it is statistically proven that employing higher number of women and involving them in decision-making processes in a company or organization is primarily beneficial for the institution applying such a strategy. The main challenge of empowering young professional women is in the private sector. By investing in women, businesses promote growth, productivity and innovation. This generally creates a better world, and our country best. Typical example and a new success story in our market is exactly with the Kosovo Legal Services Company, which is a legal company and has successfully brought a new mindset to the private sector in Kosovo, by giving priority to employing young professional women. In addition, in this brand-new multi-market company within an extremely short period of time, more than half of the employees are women, which make the company a leader in the market not only in terms of business performance, but also in gender equality. Employment of young people, especially women, represents an added value for KLSC in all respects. This is shown by the number of over 60 percent of the staff comprised of young professional women / girls. What makes this fact even more remarkable is their involvement in decision making with an average age of 28 years old. The new team of employees in KLSC is comprised of lawyers who are experts and have significant experience in their fields. /