About us

We are highly regarded legal services firm with a team of experienced, expert solicitors who care about each case and fight for every client.

Mission Statement

KLSC is a legal services company based in Pristina, Kosovo. Established in 2011, KLSC operates as an independent limited liability company that provides legal analysis and consulting services supporting to strengthening of Rule of Law in Kosovo. KLSC has accumulated over 6 years of experience, developing world-class expertise over key topics relevant to Kosovo and the Western Balkans region such as Rule of Law in transition countries, trade policy & business environment and public finances & budget transparencies. KLSC through EU, World Bank and USAID-founded programs has contributed to a significant number of capacity building and technical support projects. One of KLSC’s main objective is to assist its local clients, ministries and local institutions, in drafting high quality legislation in the areas of rule of law, labor law and financial crimes.


KLSC aims to establish itself as the leading legal services company of Kosovo. KSLC highly-qualified team brings to their client a superb combination of deep legal framework knowledge and experts’ analysis & experience offering original and thorough perspectives and innovative legal insights. Our works always starts from an excellent contextual analysis and quality benchmarking for good governance in the public sector. KLSC goal is to provide to its clients with an exceptional level of legal analysis and consulting services avoiding thrifty slovenly solutions.

Institutional Principles

KLSC’s works engage daily with those fundamental elements that make the public sector an efficient, reliable and transparent tool for its society. KLSC aims to establish a stronger culture of efficiency, reliability and effectiveness in public services delivery and accountability at all levels of Kosovan institutions.


The accountability standards at KSLC are based on ethical standards of our professionals in their everyday activities. We hold ourselves accountable for our results and actions. We take ownership of our works and words and we defend proudly our reputation and integrity.


Independently from individual qualities, we will always be more successful as a group. At KLSC, we put team’s success ahead of our personal one from the early stages of a project until its end.


Our works are all based on the key principle of transparency. We are available, whenever possible, to disclose and grant access to information regarding our projects, structure, activities and finances.


We are committed to provide high-quality research, analysis and legal consulting. We help our employees in delivering the best outcome possible by providing thorough feedbacks and assistance to their job. We always target ambitious goals and aim to improve ourselves.


We are passionate about our organization and our daily activities. At KLSC our work is driven by our desire to succeed and positively impact people’s lives.